Looking for reliable equipment to perform a specific packaging application?

We build machines for a wide range of products, package styles and means of delivery that work hard and save you time and money.


SIMPLE:  General machines get the job done with fewer moving parts than competitive machines. Critical parts are easily accessed and the skill level required to operate and maintain is lower than that required by other machines.

RUGGED: The frames are rigid and moving parts are made tough to operate reliably with a minimum of attention.  Many of our machines have been in daily operation for 30, 40 and even 50 years.

QUICK CHANGEOVERS: Simplicity and easy accessibility makes changeovers quick and easy.

HIGH SEALING PRESSURE: General Packaging machines are designed to apply higher sealing pressures resulting in better seals and less scrap which saves you money and reduces waste.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Most of our parts orders are shipped the same day by our friendly, American customer support team.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Available by phone, email, Skype or visit by a factory technician. Customers rarely need to see a factory technician.

Liquid in Bags

General Packaging machines, built to apply higher than usual sealing pressures, are used to package: potable water, juices, industrial greases, soaps, lotions, stews, soups, freezer gels, sodium acetate, mustard, mayonnaise, catsup, salad dressings, liquid coffee concentrates, chocolate sauce, shampoo and more… learn more.

Coffee Packaging

General Packaging has built form fill seal packaging machines for the coffee roasting industry since the 1950’s. We offer many models that are all designed to suit the needs of coffee roasters. More than 300 General Packaging machines are in operation in the coffee roasting industry today.learn more.

Bag in Bags

Used primarily for coffee in-room packages. We offer equipment that will produce 1 in 1 packs at rates up to 90 per minute (and higher) and will also package multiple filter packs into the overwrap. General Packaging also builds bag in bag systems for producing instant cold packslearn more.

Powder & Chemicals in Bags

General Packaging has extensive experience in building machines to package powdered and granular products with literally hundreds of machines successfully packaging these types of products from sugar to pool chemicals... learn more.

Snacks, Nuts, Candy, Rice, Beans, etc.

Candies, Nuts, Snacks, etc. To suit the requirements of specific products General supplies volumetric fillers, linear net weight scales and combinations weighers. Pillow packs, three side seal and four side seal packages can be produced on General’s drawbar models. Pillow packs, three side seal and square bottom bags are produced on belt drive models.learn more.