Coffee Packaging

Model 70AC

Model 643AC-C

In over 60 years General has been a major supplier of VFFS machines to the coffee roasting industry for production of fractional packs, filter packs, institutional packages up to 5 pounds and in-room and airline packages. General machines have proven themselves to be highly reliable in long term operation with some machines in operation for over 50 years. General machines aresimple and rugged and are relatively easy to operate and maintain.

General’s line of models is specifically designed to meet the needs of coffee roasters.

General offers:

  • A low cost starter model, the Entrada model E1AC, for small roasters that will produce sizes ranging from fractional packs through one pound.
  • High outputs of fractional packs of up to 150 per minute with the rugged and relatively compact model 70WA2C
  • In-room package production with the model 642AC/C
  • Gas relief valve application with General button valve applicators and pressure sensitive valve applicators made by others
  • Broad size range production from fractional packs through 5 pounds with the General Primus model 643AC
  • Production of both pillow and side gusseted square bottom bags with the General Primus model 643AC
  • All General models will run filter paper
  • In the package coffee flavoring integrated with an auger filler

Model E1AC

Model 70WA2C

Model 643AC